Where available PDF copies of presentations from GREENHOUSE 2011 have been posted below. Use the drop down menu to search through parallel session categories, as well as find Keynote and Panel session presentations.

Integrated science for our carbon future

Megan Clark

Climate observations as a basis for climate science

Greg Ayers

The carbon cycle: budgets, trends, and lessons from southern hemisphere measurements

Sara Mikaloff Fletcher

Observing climate variability and change in the global oceans: The Argo Program

Dean Roemmich

Climate change and Australia's coast: integrated science for adaptation

Jo Mummery

Sea-level rise and the Earth's warming

John Church

Climate change & ecosystems

Lynda Chambers, Elvira Poloczanska and Lesley Hughes

Communicating climate risk: choices, chances and chocolate wheels

Peter Hayman

Some uncertainty issues in mathematical models of the environment and climate change

Jerzy Filar

Quantifying and communicating climate change uncertainties

Kevin Hennessy

National Wind Risk Assessment (NWRA): quantifying wind hazard and risk under current and future climate (Australian region)

Hamish Anderson

Stepping out with climate change

Roger Jones

Dealing with uncertainties in climate projection

Matthew Collins

Inter-comparison of multi-regional results of five approaches for forming probabilistic climate change projections

Aurel Moise

Bayesian spatial hierarchical modelling of maximum temperature

Indriati Bisono

Towards a better understanding of the Southern Ocean overturning circulation

Stephen Rintoul

Pathways and impacts of Southern Ocean currents on Antarctic ice sheet melting in response to global warming

Nathan Bindoff

Antarctic sea ice thickness from airborne laser altimetry

Anthony Worby

Climate change in Queensland: setting the scene

David Robinson

The climate science information base for Queensland

Ken Day

Understanding climate variability in Queensland

Ken Day

Learning from Queensland climate extremes

Jeff Sabburg

Biosphere carbon science in Queensland: opportunities for collaboration

Christine Williams

Coastal hazards - urban planning policy options

Sel Sultman

Climate change, emergency management and community resilience

Alison Godber

OzFlux: the Australian flux and ecosystem research network

Helen Cleugh

Still listening: golden moments to really talk with decision makers about climate change

Scott Losee

Emotional responses to climate change: a missing link to behaviour?

Iain Walker

On the disconnect between climate science and climate change: why aren't the insights and recommendations being implemented?

Anthony Kiem

Australia's peanut industry's transformation to adapt to future climates

Peter Thorburn

Modelling impacts of climate change on Australia's forests and forestry

Matthew Miller

Attribution of earlier winegrape ripening in the southern hemisphere: analysis of vintage records

Leanne Webb

Will climate change negate better farm management for improving water quality in northern Australia?

Peter Thorburn

Relationship between El Nino-Southern Oscillation and incidence of malaria in the Solomon Islands

Yahya Abawi

Future tropospheric ozone and health impacts under a changing climate

Sarunya Sujaritpong

Coupling regional climate models and hydrological models to produce fine-scale runoff projections

Michael Grose

A multi-model comparison of daily precipitation projections using different downscaling techniques and their impact on modelled groundwater recharge

Stephen Charles

Present and projected impact of climate change on water resources in Ukraine: assessment and adaptation measures

Viacheslav Manukalo

Factors affecting the cost effectiveness of renewable energy in desalination plants in Australia

Don Gunasekera

Climate impacts on the water balance of rainforests in northern Queensland, Australia

Jim Wallace

National greenhouse gas emission management system for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abu Khondaker

Beyond the core: environmental decision-making for climate change among peripheral communities in Pacific Island nations

Patrick Nunn

Decadal climate variability and near-term future climate

Scott Power

Moving from the laboratory to effective policies: the case for environmental tax reform in Australia and UK

Ann Hansford

Rescuing and securing climate data in Oceania

Rodney Hutchinson

An updated analysis of homogeneous land-based temperature trends across the Pacific

Dean Collins

Precipitation trends for the Pacific Islands and East Timor: an analysis of records since 1960

Simon McGree

The reversal of multi-decadal trends in the tropical Pacific

Ming Feng

A regional picture of Pacific climate and the impacts of ENSO and its variations

Brad Murphy

The role of climate science in integrating climate change adaptation and disaster risk management

Netatua Pelesikoti

Evaluating global climate models for the purpose of informing climate change projections: a Pacific Climate Change Science Program perspective

Damien Irving

Regional climate modelling techniques: impacts on regional climate change

Jack Katzfey

Projections of climate extremes over the tropical Pacific (and the influence of evaluation on projections)

Sarah Perkins

Tropical cyclone wind hazard projections for the Western Pacific

Nicholas Summons

The Western Pacific monsoon: results from climate simulations of present and future wet seasons

Aurel Moise

Future changes in tropical cyclones over the Australian region

Kevin Walsh

Extreme precipitation events in a changing climate using regional dynamically downscaled climate projections

Christopher White

A quasi-objective assessment of hot and cold spells in Australia across the period 1957-2010

Ceri Lovitt

Climatic uncertainties: clouds, aerosols, water vapour and climate feedbacks

Steven Sherwood

From climate change to climate dogs

Graeme Anderson

Learning from climates of the past

Janice Lough

National climate change projections: where to from here?

Penny Whetton

Planning for energy futures in a carbon constrained world

Graeme Pearman

Progress in international negotiations

Clare Walsh

Can we achieve net reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and meet global food demand?

Richard Eckard

Agriculture and climate change

Mark Gibbs

Reducing agricultural N2O emissions and sustaining productivity

Peter Grace

Advancing climate change science in small islands: challenges and risks

Gillian Cambers

Extreme events and climate change

John McBride

Managing the unavoidable: natural catastrophes

Sandra Schuster

Tropical cyclones and climate change in Australia

Kevin Walsh

Benchmarking the level of adaptation planning in Australian organisations

John Gardner

Incorporating climate change impacts and adaptation in environmental impact assessments

Guillaume Prudent-Richard

Climate change, adaptation, scenarios: new conditions, new concerns, new concepts

Lauren Rickards

The role of infrastructure in delivering climate resilient urban environments

Andrew Zuch

Climate change adaption: a review of local government barriers and priorities

Catherine Doran

The role of networks and governance frameworks in regional climate adaptation

Lorraine Bates

Drought and resilience: a case study of two rural communities in regional Victoria

Anthony Kiem

From the Tiwi Islands to Arnhem Land: climate change risk assessments and adaptation planning in the Tropical North

Guillaume Prudent-Richard

Social dimensions of climate change adaptation for Australian Indigenous communities

Meg Parsons

A climate of change in the mining sector: a holistic approach to facilitating adaptation

Jane Hodgkinson

Observation of the Hadley Cells

Hanh Nguyen

Expansion of the Southern Hemisphere Tropics

Chris Lucas

Overview of the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS)

Kamal Puri

Modelling climate variability using the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS)

Harun Rashid

Dealing with and contributing to the CMIP5 data 'tsunami' and beyond from an Australian perspective

Mark Collier

Climate chemistry modelling using the UK Chemistry and Aerosols Model within ACCESS: tropospheric chemistry

Peter Hurley

Modelling stratospheric ozone chemistry impacts on southern hemisphere circulation

Roger Dargaville

ACCESS Coupled Model for CMIP5/IPCC AR5

Daohua (Dave) Bi

The Australian Monsoon: projected changes of Australia's Wet season

Aurel Moise

Australia's hotter and drier future: climate change projections using CMIP5 experimental design and the CSIRO Mk3.6 climate model

Jozef Syktus

Attribution of southern hemisphere climate change and projections

Meelis Zidikheri

Changes and projections in southern hemisphere climate, modes of variability and rainfall

Jorgen Frederiksen

Exploiting strength, discounting weakness: combining information from multiple climate simulators

Richard Chandler

Testing times: the effect of time period selection on empirically determined rainfall-runoff relationships

Jason Whyte

The role of dynamical seasonal forecasting in marine applications and management

Claire Spillman

Effects of elevated temperature on a coral reef fish and the potential for acclimation

Jennifer Donelson

Vulnerability of sea turtles to climate change

Mariana Fuentes

NCEAS WG: towards an understanding of marine biological impacts of climate change

Elvira Poloczanska

What drives carbon exchange between a temperate sclerophyll forest and the atmosphere on time scales from hours to multiple years?

Helen Cleugh

The Integrated Marine Observing System: observing Australia's changing oceans

Katy Hill

The observed evolution of the Southern Ocean CO2 sink and its drivers

Andrew Lenton

Coastal climate change impacts - mapping coastal hazard areas

Sel Sultman

Climate change and food production

Mark Howden

Water security in Queensland

Don Begbie

The future for biodiversity in Queensland

Tim Low

Measuring greenhouse gases in Australia

Clare Paton-Walsh

Australian HFC, PFC and SF6 emissions: atmospheric verification

Paul Fraser

Probable bias in antropogenic CO2 emissions revealed by improved atmospheric growth rate data

Roger Francey

What can we learn about fossil fuel emissions across North America from continuous CO2 measurements?

Kimberly Mueller

From governance to engagement

Suzie Gaynor

Assessing the predictability of seasonal rainfall in the south-west Pacific region

Yahya Abawi

Understanding storm surge risk in Fiji due to climate variability and change

Kathleen McInnes

Forgotten places: Pacific Island deltas and sea-level rise

Patrick Nunn

Ocean acidification in the Pacific Islands region

Bronte Tilbrook

Indo-Pacific climate interactions and control on rainfall

Agus Santoso

Pathways towards a low carbon energy sector

Alex Wonhas

Group characteristics of different views about the causes of climate change: an Australian national survey

Zoe Leviston

Committed vulnerability to climate variability and change

Benjamin Preston

How well can we predict the Indian Ocean Dipole and its teleconnections?

Sally Langford

Trends in the IOD over the past decades

Wenju Cai

Impact of the recent positive Indian Ocean Dipole events on Australian climate

Tim Cowan

Interactions of ENSO, the IOD and the SAM in CMIP3 models and ACCESS

Arnold Sullivan

Indian Ocean Dipole response to global warming: analysis of ocean-atmospheric feedbacks in a coupled model

Xiao-Tong Zheng

The change of asymmetry of the Indian Ocean Dipole under global warming

Chi-Cherng Hong

Modoki, IOD and Western North Pacific monsoons: possible implications for extreme events

Karumuri Ashok

Patterns of decadal climate variability and their impact on Australian rainfall

Peter Baines

Indo-Pacific climate change in a perturbed physics ensemble

Matthew Collins

The effect of the SPCZ on the termination of strong El Nino events: the recharge paradigm revisited

Axel Timmermann

Interannual variability and related impacts of the South Pacific Convergence Zone: present and future

Matthieu Lengaigne

Climate change and the South Pacific Convergence Zone

Wenju Cai

Climate impacts of climate drivers and El Nino variations on south-west Pacific Islands

Julien Leduc

Climate variability and change in the south-west Pacific: impacts of ENSO on changing rainfall pattern

Ravind Kumar

A simple graphical method to forecast rainfall in Tuvalu

Hilia Vavae

Seasonal forecasts in the Pacific region using POAMA 1.5b

Andrew Cottrill

Tropical cyclones and climate change: an Atlantic and Australian basins perspective

Tom Knutson

Climate change and the future of the Great Barrier Reef

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Influence of the Indian Ocean Dipole on following El Nino: mechanisms and interdecadal stability

Matthieu Lengaigne

Teleconnection pathways of ENSO and the IOD: what drives cool season variations in extratropical Australian rainfall?

Peter van Rensch

Through a lens darkly: climate adaptation in a complex world

Benjamin Preston