The latest in the influential GREENHOUSE conference series, GREENHOUSE 2011 was held in Cairns from 4-8 April 2011 and focussed on the science of climate change.

The GREENHOUSE 2011 program covered a range of topics, including:

  • oceans
  • atmosphere
  • biosphere
  • climate modelling
  • climate change projections
  • climate variability
  • extreme events and community resilience
  • Pacific nations and climate change
  • impacts and adaptation
  • biodiversity
  • policy and economics
  • communicating climate change

Scientists and representatives from industry and all levels of government had the opportunity to hear about the latest in climate change science from leading researchers from Australia and around the world.

GREENHOUSE 2011 followed the successful GREENHOUSE 2005 in Melbourne, GREENHOUSE 2007 in Sydney and GREENHOUSE 2009 in Perth.

Where available, presentations from the conference have been published on the Presentations page of this website.

GREENHOUSE 2011 was a climate friendly event